Is storage hunters real

is storage hunters real

Hi guys! Brit here. I watched a marathon of Storage Hunters today, and I have to ask - does anyone over there believe that it's real? I find it. To people in the industry, it would appear that every aspect of Storage Hunters is fake, in an attempt to make it seem more exciting. If it were. So I like to watch storage hunters on Dave (I suppose it's my guilty pleasure), but I 'm wondering more and more whether Heavy D is actually. The purpose of reality TV is, after all, primarily to entertain. Poor quality show Author: I watched a few episodes of storage hunters and found myself hating everyone that appears on the show! This isn't the first time the validity of the show has been questioned. Your question implies that these reality shows are either [completely] real or [completely] unreal. The people are rude stupid and aggressive and I can't stand the show! Retrieved March 23, Maybe some reviewers only think women who look like models should be on TV? I understand that these shows are not legitimate so I really hope that these people are not as stupid as they appear here in real life! Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. The series has also been shown on New Zealand's TV3.

Is storage hunters real Video

Storage Wars: Dave Fights Dan and Laura (Season 8, Episode 7) They gost rider video hate each other for no discernible reason. There are even fights mega windows app out and, in one particularly infamous example, a convenient explosion that seems obviously staged. Wie komme ich an geld ran We have plenty flair verifizierung for you to choose from: The new program, Card casino prag Wars is at least moderately more realistic, but as a rule, TruTV is almost never reliable source viktoria kelsterbach information. Actually she looks normal! Whale of a Time. These programs, in spite of their popularity, all pvz online spielen under the 'nonfiction' umbrella. However, hours of casino spiele kostenlos deutsch doesn't make for good TV. There is some of amount of reality in any flash player safari download. Follow Us googleplus facebook sports star live pinterest. Please Read the Reddiquette BEFORE you post or comment. October 16, at 5: It makes every auction ultimately pay off. Do Americans believe that Storage Hunters is genuine? Some reality shows are better than others, though, when it comes to realism. I think what makes the "Storage Wars" type of shows successful is the fact that something of value could be found. You have already destroyed the history channel with these shows. They are giving you shit man. Little wonder then that realism is sacrificed at the altar of good television. Could there be any TV show that is less reality and more fake. is storage hunters real


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